The Game Hauler – Product Review

I came across a pretty cool hunting accessory called The Game Hauler.  The name says it all.  It was designed with hauling big game in mind but the design makes it so much more versatile.  Basically you can use it to haul anything that you can strap it to.  I decided to order a few since I knew a few people who could take advantage of such a handy tool.  This accessory comes in different camouflage options as well as blaze orange.

This product is great for everyone but let’s face it I think it will particularly benefit women.  With less upper body strength than most men The Game Hauler is leveraged to give you a hand.  For women who hunt on their own this is the product for you.  I know there has been a few times when a extra set of hands would have came in handy.  This will make those times seem like a distant past.

Check out the product for yourself @ and on Twitter @TheGameHauler

The Game Hauler

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