Venison French Onion Sliders

2 lbs Ground Venison... 2 TBSP Beef Bouillon Base (Better than Bouillon) 1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce Kosher Salt & Pepper 1 stick salted butter Onion Powder Garlic Powder 2 Medium Sweet Onions 24 Slider buns ( I used sesame buns) 12 oz Gruyere cheese or Shredded White Cheddar or both Preheat oven to 350. Lightly … Continue reading Venison French Onion Sliders

The Game Hauler – Product Review

I came across a pretty cool hunting accessory called The Game Hauler.  The name says it all.  It was designed with hauling big game in mind but the design makes it so much more versatile.  Basically you can use it to haul anything that you can strap it to.  I decided to order a few … Continue reading The Game Hauler – Product Review

The Cape Buffalo Encounter

When my friend suggested we go to Africa back in 2015 to hunt plains game I barely blinked before I answered, YES! This was going to be an epic journey with a few close friends on a bow only hunt on the dark continent.  But what would we hunt? I wasn’t familiar with all of the species of … Continue reading The Cape Buffalo Encounter

Venison Stuffed Bell Peppers with Portobello Mushrooms

This recipe will yield 6 stuffed large bell peppers and you will have enough meat left over to make up to 5-6 burritos. You can prep for 2 meals at once or you can cut the recipe in half. It’s that easy. What you will need: 2 lbs ground venison 6 large bell peppers (Did … Continue reading Venison Stuffed Bell Peppers with Portobello Mushrooms

Preserving a turkey fan made easy

Once you have cut the fan from your turkey to preserve it you have several days before the drying process begins while in the folded position.  I would recommend setting the fan as quickly as you can in most cases though.  With these two Rio fans I waited approximately 4 days before I was able … Continue reading Preserving a turkey fan made easy

HHA Sports, Single Pin Sighting Systems; Optimizer Ultra Product Review

What sight is right for you? There are so many different sights on the market to choose from. Finding the right one can be challenging. Over the past few years I have tried several different sights. 3 pins to 5 pins and I always felt like there was something missing. Admittedly the 5 pin sight … Continue reading HHA Sports, Single Pin Sighting Systems; Optimizer Ultra Product Review

Tips For Purchasing A New Compound Bow – #GetSerious #GetHoyt

Recently I decided to upgrade my compound bow after nearly a year of going back and forth on what I should get.  The best advice I can give you is to go to a professional.  Find a local archery shop that you have researched and comes highly recommended.  There are a lot of people who … Continue reading Tips For Purchasing A New Compound Bow – #GetSerious #GetHoyt

U-Slide Bow Holder – Product Review

 So here is my latest purchase.  The U-Slide Bow Holder.  As you can see it serves several purposes.  Most archers and especially new archers will run into the issue of what to do with their bow when retrieving arrows.  Do you lean it against something trying to prop it up awkwardly risking that it falls … Continue reading U-Slide Bow Holder – Product Review